Hacker Here: This is Your Wakeup Call

by Viakoo | Feb 25, 2015 9:36:11 PM

Why worry about the security of your physical security systems, especially your video surveillance network? After all, the systems and networks we rely on for security and communications are thoroughly tested by the manufacturer, and then after they’ve been installed there is further testing and verification. There even are occasional bug fixes or patches, so as new dangers emerge your system will remain protected. Given that, what can go wrong?

In short, everything. A recent (and shocking) situation emerged where a website based in Russia published the IP addresses of over 73,000 IP video camera around the world that still used default passwords, and thus could easily be accessed. Many documented cases exist of video evidence being tampered with after-the-fact, a form of hacking that is effective because it does not impact the video camera devices themselves and is thus harder to detect. A favorite headline from recent times was from a BlackHat conference session that promised you can be “exploiting surveillance cameras like a Hollywood hacker”. That turns out to be not too far from the truth, as shown in last week’s billions dollar bank heist where using the Carbanak malware hackers infiltrated several banks around the world, and used that access to get into the video cameras and use them to learn details about the banks operations.

The importance of hackers can’t be underestimated. Especially white-hat hackers, who use their skills to improve the overall security of an operation. All too often the flaws hackers exploit have been present for a while; whether a bad guy or a good guy finds them is truly a race. In fact, based on the increasing number and scale of security breaches it is clear there are not enough white-hats finding the existing security flaws. Viakoo encourages its customers to be the white hat hackers of their organization; the detailed insights Viakoo provides combined with the understanding of an organization’s potential threats can prevent breaches from occurring.

Symbolizing how this is a growing issue, ISC West coming up in April has a number of sessions that highlight the growing need in physical security for IT skills, awareness of cyber-security issues, and tools to prevent hackers from breaching physical security. If you’re going to be at ISC West please check out sessions like “Hackers in Physical Security”, or “Beyond the Buzz: A Balanced Outlook into the Future of Physical Security” (amongst several others) that provide perspective on the growing need for IT technologies to be used in physical security.

In addition to conferences like ISC West, we encourage you to check out our recent webinar on securing the security video network (click here to access it, or below). Want to be a white-hat yourself? Sign up for a Viakoo demo account, and you’ll quickly see how you can use it to navigate your overall security video network and understand/patch potential security flaws.

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