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    [fa icon="calendar"] Oct 10, 2015 2:03:05 PM / by John Gallagher

    As the Nobel Prizes were awarded this past week there was some excitement at the Viakoo headquarters.  Not that we won anything directly (not yet at least), but rather that one of our own was part of the research team under Professor Arthur McDonald at Queen’s University that worked hard towards seeing this day.  Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Manqing Lui, in his typical understated fashion, highlighted his connection by saying “my advisor just won the Nobel Prize” (  The reality of course is a deeper connection; for 6 years Manqing worked on Dr. McDonald’s research team, directly part of the efforts leading to a Nobel Prize “for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass” .

    We’re rightfully proud of Manqing’s contributions to advancing IP-based physical security, where he has been leveraging innovation and unique insights to help create the award-winning Viakoo Enterprise product.  These contributions can be seen as analogous to his previous efforts on Nobel Prize winning breakthroughs, especially in how the work quietly happens over a period of time before the world at large knows about it and can benefit from it.  We believe the world of physical security is and will continue to be evolving, driven by technology breakthroughs that make achieving physical security more comprehensive, less expensive, and less likely to fail.  While it may be a while before we can announce a Nobel Prize for his efforts, rest assured that at Viakoo you have Nobel Prize level of effort going into our technology development.

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    John Gallagher

    Written by John Gallagher