Isn’t It Time to Stop Console Madness?

    [fa icon="calendar"] May 3, 2017 8:34:21 PM / by John Gallagher

    Even if you’ve never played “Whack-A-Mole” you’ve probably heard it used as a metaphor for a repetitious and futile task.  In maintaining and servicing physical security systems there are a number of manual operations that fall in that category that are better done with automation; checking that default passwords aren’t being used, verifying operational status across multiple sites and/or device vendors, and maintaining an inventory of devices on the physical security network just to name a few.  Since there are more than one “Whack-A-Mole” situations our industry deals with I’ll be more specific – the topic of this blog is a situation Viakoo calls “Console Madness”.  If you want to stop reading and just see our new infographic on Console Madness please click here – otherwise continue on to see the Madness I’m referring to.

    In an IP-based surveillance or access control system there are a number of independently managed subsystems; camera devices, VMS, servers, OS, network, storage, and storage networks.  Often some of these systems come from more than one vendor and/or vintage.  Each of them has its own management console and ways of using that console.  Trying to resolve problems that go across these sub-systems is true detective work – you don’t know ahead of time what data will help you to find and diagnose the problem.  Because each console is isolated from each other the service technician has to manually capture the data, then manually correlate that data in time to see the interactions between sub-systems.  This allows the technician to manually analyze the data, see potential causes of the problem and create an action plan (which then needs to be manually transferred into trouble tickets).  Once the technician implements the fix-it plan there is then a determination of whether the problem is resolved or not – if it isn’t this manual and tedious process starts again.

    In a world where physical security downtime leads to bad outcomes, this kind of manual and repetitious process has got to give way to automated and scientific approaches that resolve the problem right the first time.  That’s exactly what Viakoo does for security integrators and end-users.  Viakoo ends the Console Madness by automating and streamlining finding and fixing the root cause of the problem, and delivering the information through alerts, ticketing workflow, and reports.  If getting problems fixed quickly and correctly the first time is an imperative for your team sign up for a demo account at

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    John Gallagher

    Written by John Gallagher