The Need For Automation: Why Having Traditional Physical Security Is Not Enough

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    The times are changing. Older methods of physical security are being phased out by more comprehensive and complex systems. These are not expensive flashy upgrades. They are the practical successors to outdated security measures. Much in the same way we no longer use pointed sticks to guard our caves, we can no longer rely on traditional physical security to protect the important things in our lives. With the types of threats that exist today, companies and individuals are more vulnerable than they have ever been. It is just no longer enough to point your stick at the opening to your cave. It is time to automate your physical security.

    Human Error
    With traditional forms of security, you are relying very heavily on the human element of your workforce. This is not necessarily an issue, as a trained employee is an indispensable asset, but not every employee is trained in security. They may have certain parameters to follow, but without an understanding of their importance, these things can easily slip the mind. Even the best security personnel can make mistakes. To err is human, but some errors can be extremely costly. Simply forgetting one aspect of the closing procedure or violating security protocol for greater convenience, decreases the amount of overall safety. Automated security does not make these type of mistakes. They do not attempt to find convenient ways around work or absent-mindedly forget something small.

    With an automated system, there is never any doubt that you are always being compliant with various safety regulations. The system is setup to monitor for issues that would violate safety protocol. Not only does this offer a building and its inhabitants more security, it also takes out the guesswork and anxiety of an impending audit. With traditional physical security, auditing procedures would have to be replicated by an individual. During this check, the employee could miss something, or the timeframe of the check may not leave enough room to make fixes to the issues that are found.

    Greater Security
    As stated earlier, humans do not always jeopardize a physical security system. Sometimes they even help it. But the time when all that you could do to help your security was higher someone to monitor it are over. You can now get a better set of eyes. Ones that never get tired and never miss the importance of the information they get. Together with certain aspects of traditional security, automation just makes your building safer and more secure.

    Insight Into Use and Misuse
    Sometimes there are issues that arise, and no matter how good your security is, you cannot avoid them. It is in moments like these when you need to learn from your shortcomings. With automated physical security measures, you can receive the fail safe of detailed logs. These are automatically recorded documents based off of the usage of the installed security. And automation will keep this info more organized for later dissection. For insurance purposes, you can prove when something was tampered with, and you may even be able to use this information in a court case. The security extends past the boundaries of your building, and can even protect your reputation. Finally, once the source of a problem is discovered, this information makes it much easier to devise new preventative security protocols.

    The thing about security is that it is always evolving. The changes may seem almost imperceptible to the untrained eye, but even the tasks that were required by a commercial locksmith have changed. Progress is being made on every end of the security industry. The demand is for automation because that is what works. People may be used to the old ways because they have come to terms with the shortcomings. However, in an advanced age of theft and burglary automation is necessary not just to catch up, but to break even. The only way to have too much security is when it becomes too unwieldy to use, and that is the beauty of automation. When the system is automated, it can never get too difficult to use.


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