SanDisk Partners with N2NSecure and Viakoo to Certify Breakthrough Capabilities of InfiniFlash™ All-Flash Storage System

by Viakoo | Apr 15, 2015 6:15:57 PM

Demonstration at ISC West Shows Massive Capacity, Economic Advantage, and Assured Uptime for Video Surveillance

MILPITAS, Calif., April 9, 2015 – SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), a global leader in flash storage solutions, N2NSecure, experts in physical security implementation, and Viakoo, a leader in video surveillance network management, today announced they have certified the use of the InfiniFlash All-Flash Storage System in video surveillance applications.  SanDisk will be hosting demonstrations of the revolutionary InfiniFlash storage system at the ISC West 2015 conference in Las Vegas.  As the video surveillance industry has rapidly moved to high resolution video formats and performing data-intensive analytics on the video data, the need has shifted to next generation storage platforms that provide high capacity and high performance storage at an affordable price, while also being highly stable and easily managed.

In working with SanDisk, N2NSecure defined the overall workflow and requirements for best-in-class video surveillance, as well as the integration of SanDisk’s InfiniFlash system with leading video surveillance products.  Viakoo’s solution for security video network management was used to gather data and report metrics across the video stream path.  From this testing N2NSecure and Viakoo have been able to validate interoperability and certify the breakthrough advantages for video surveillance offered by SanDisk.

Video surveillance has unique requirements, against which InfiniFlash has been comprehensively tested.  Security video has become mission-critical from both a safety and operational perspective, with no tolerance for downtime.  Not only does downtime within a security video network create security, safety, and legal issues, it increasingly impacts profitability derived from analytic analysis of the video streams.  In certifying InfiniFlash, N2NSecure and Viakoo found it provided the stability needed for exceptional uptime, as well as cost-effective performance to support a large number of high definition security video streams.

InfiniFlash is a next generation storage platform for video surveillance. Available in three different configurations(IF100, IF500 and IF700), this breakthrough offering provides 5x the density, 50x the performance and 4x the reliability, while consuming 80 percent less power – as compared to traditional hard disk drive (HDD) arrays – and far surpasses the capabilities of existing all-flash arrays which focus solely on performance. InfiniFlash also delivers breakthrough pricing for an all-flash hardware solution at less than $1 per gigabyte (GB), and breaks the $2 per GB barrier for an all-flash system without requiring compression or de-duplication technologies.

“In working with both SanDisk and Viakoo, we have seen massive improvements in how video surveillance data should be handled,” said James Connor, President of N2NSecure. “SanDisk clearly provides great solution with InifinFlash, and Viakoo provided the clarity to see it from end-to-end.  In seeing this solution in action we believe it is a model for the whole industry, and one that can be implemented today.”

“Video surveillance has become vastly more complicated in the last few years, and N2NSecure bring thought-leadership and simplification to solve these problems,” said Bud Broomhead, CEO of Viakoo “Analytics shine with performance and stability, making SanDisk’s InfiniFlash system ideal for this market.”

Complete Solution with InfiniFlash

At ISC West 2015 SanDisk’s demonstration will highlight the complete solution needed for video surveiilance:

  • High Definition Video–InfiniFlash supports the high data transfer rates needed for capturing and delivering video surveillance
  • Video Analytics—InfiniFlash delivers both the capacity and performance needed to mine video data for business insights. Viakoo assured the uptime and overall integrity of the video stream, also required for analytics.
  • Video Path Uptime — Uptime of the video network across all parts of the network including storage is reported through VIakoo.
  • Video Retention — When security video needs to be accessed, time is of the essence. InfiniFlash supports blazingly fast read capabilities for high-definition content, while Viakoo ensures the integrity of retained security video.

A demonstration of the solution will be on display at ISC West. To learn more, visit Viakoo’s demo suite at ISC West (Bellini, Room #2001A), its website ( or join the conversation at (

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