SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE AUTOMATION for Physical Security - It’s Time Has Come!

    [fa icon="calendar"] Nov 10, 2016 8:57:18 PM / by Bart Nanni

    Today’s physical security environments are complex. It is common to find a mix of analog and IP technology, along with environments that are multi-vendor, multi-generational, multi-application, and more often than not, span across multiple sites. One can imagine the challenge this presents to service teams for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems quickly and efficiently when they arise.

    The current method of troubleshooting can take hours or days and at times longer, thereby weakening the security defense, elevating risk, and leading to missing evidence. Not to mention driving up cost, and creating stressful service scenarios. A core reason for this is that service and maintenance are fundamentally manual reactive processes. The customer finds the problem first and the service organization reacts. Technicians are dispatched to a site with no real knowledge of what the issue is (informational truck roll) and what possible parts are required.

    Many times, the diagnosis starts with a trial and error method, and can also involve parts swapping as a way to identify the problem. Studies have shown that 80% of the technician’s time is spent diagnosing the problem, and 20% on fixing it.

    What is needed is automation. Service and Maintenance automation (technology) has a dramatic impact on the time it takes to quickly identify and resolve physical security problems before they lead to prolonged outages.

    Viakoo is a unique and innovative vendor agnostic service and maintenance automation solution. Once deployed, Viakoo transforms service organizations from the current (old) reactive method, to a (new) proactive, preemptive, and predictive approach. Viakoo delivers purpose-built technology that allows service organizations to get out ahead of issues. Through sophisticated alerting capability, service organizations know about problems before the end user knows.

    Viakoo also improves reliability and performance, provides critical insight into physical security systems, captures valuable vital measures, and eliminates lapses in security coverage. With no programming and no data entry, Viakoo builds a digital model that is updated continuously, and then documents all of the physical security systems across the infrastructure along with their connection relationships. From this digital model, reports are available on demand that address Auditing and Compliance, Retention, Inventory, Status, and Operational Summaries.

    As end users continue to invest more and more in digital systems to mitigate risk, service and maintenance automation becomes a necessary technology to guard against unknown and undetected failures that result in downtime and missing security incidents.

    Service and Maintenance Automation - It’s time has come.

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    Bart Nanni

    Written by Bart Nanni