The Timing Is Perfect

    [fa icon="calendar"] Feb 9, 2015 2:24:16 PM / by Mark McCourt

    Week one of the “End of Missing Video” Tour was met with enthusiasm, interest and new trial activations with leading enterprises by forward thinking CSOs.

    In addition to new customers coming on board, Viakoo’s existing clients gave positive feedback on the current solution and put forth ideas for new features and functions that will add even more value. “Can you identify the age of the camera?” is one interesting example.

    As one security leader reviewed his organization’s video infrastructure of blended IP and Analogue cameras across 12 sites around the world, he said, “The timing is perfect. We need to tame this video monster.”
    Indeed. Viakoo visited New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana last week. This week we start in Chicago; continuing our journey to help our customers tame the video infrastructure monster.

    On the strategic front, several meetings including visits to existing GSOCs and empty spaces where the GSOC is being build. Where does Viakoo fit? Think of a simple fraction with video content management as the numerator and video infrastructure management as the denominator. Enterprises are bringing all their video into the GSOC for coordinated management, just as a CFO uses technology to bring all the financials together. And that content has to be reliable and available. So, the infrastructure management is coming into the GSOC as well. And Viakoo helps customers manage the denominator.

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    Mark McCourt

    Written by Mark McCourt