Verification and Diagnostic Solutions Create New Business Opportunities for Integrators

by John Gallagher | Jun 29, 2017 3:53:23 PM

Security integrators looking to grow their recurring monthly revenue (RMR) can achieve this with solutions to automatically verify and diagnose failures in physical security systems. Such solutions are already providing new avenues of business growth and profitability for many integrators.

Automated system and data verification solutions can measure and manage diagnostic data, providing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as video path uptime, video stream delivery indices, video retention compliance, average ticket response time, and mean time to recovery that give visibility and insight into the behavior of IP video network and surveillance operations. This information can be delivered directly to users’ mobile phones and tablets in addition to desktop PCs, making the information immediately actionable.

While the benefits of automated system and data verification for the end user are obvious, there are also tremendous benefits for integrators who offer the solution. In addition to the opportunity for generating recurring monthly revenue with automated verification, integrators can also offer users a number of industry-specific solutions to generate RMR. For instance, integrators can create an offering based on delivering specific insights and information for inventory management, or for commissioning reports – real needs that surveillance customers have.

Another option, addressing the important need to maintain adherence to audit and compliance regulations, would be to sell a package of services that assist the user in meeting these requirements. This can be achieved with Viakoo’s verification solution, which runs advanced system analytics to provide early problem detection, scientific diagnosis, and recommended courses of action to ensure that surveillance and access control system operations are fully documented and in continuous compliance.

Automated verification solutions can also help improve integrators’ bottom line profits by eliminating the need to troubleshoot a video infrastructure problem, which can typically take up to 80% of the service call time. Viakoo’s verification and diagnostic solution can automatically detect and diagnose underperforming or failing system components or other irregularities within the entire framework of a video surveillance system so that immediate action can be taken and video surveillance recording can be maintained according to business requirements. 

With this type of solution, integrators can redefine and escalate their service offerings and profit structure. If this sounds like something you are looking for, sign up for a demo account at

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