What We Learned at Secured Cities Conference

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    It was fascinating to hear a Viakoo “Black Belt” customer present his view of how the service creates value at Drexel University. As background, Drexel’s Public Safety Department is unique. Under the outstanding leadership of Domenic Ceccanecchio, Drexel is the only university in the USA with both an accredited police department and communications center. Drexel is among the largest schools with over 26,000 students and is consistently ranked among the top 100 universities.
    And this proud dad’s youngest daughter attended and graduated from Drexel. And while the school is in West Philadelphia and borders some of the cities toughest neighborhoods, I was completely confident in her safety there.

    Craig shared the reasons for his interest in Viakoo at the start of his presentation. His department dealt with frequent server failures that they were not able to diagnose and reboot in a timely manner. The security technology team faced poor video, loss of video, storage issues and downtime “While the problem was not typically network or IT related, it was occasionally a switch issue. Their maintenance costs were very high due to repeated calls to their integrator and they wanted to minimize the time their integrator spent on site as well as take a more procedural and administrative approach to system management and cost.

    “Our primary goal was to gain control of existing server issues, become intuitive and automate the management of their video infrastructure,” stated Craig. “The most important thing was metrics.”

    Viakoo was tested and fit their needs. During the presentation, Craig noted that Viakoo identified both a network and a switch issue before IT did. The cost/benefit of Viakoo was significant and allows us to make intelligent future technology and budget decisions.”

    I spend a lot of time in company meetings where we tell each other how great Viakoo is. It is incredibly rewarding to attend a conference and hear an actual user of our service confirm our beliefs.

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