Why data verification matters for video surveillance and access control

by John Gallagher | Jan 20, 2017 3:52:31 PM

By now, virtually every organization has recognized the need to invest in video surveillance and access control technology in order to prevent and mitigate risk. So when it comes to making sure that technology is delivering on your investment, why would you ever take any kind of risk?

Both video surveillance and access control provide benefits to your security program. Many of these benefits occur in real time; keeping unauthorized individuals out of your facility, alerting you if there is motion where no one should be, etc. But the benefits of both these solutions go well beyond real time, providing evidence in the form of data that can be reviewed to identify criminals, as well as to power analytics that enable event correlation and predictive analysis. Data from security systems is also a key element for demonstration of compliance to regulations.

For this reason, it is critically important never to have an interruption in the data flow.

But it’s often not until after an event occurs or during an investigation, that security professionals realize there has been a lapse within their network. There are many examples, including recent ones like:

  • Shooter in downtown Dallas in July 2016 killing five police officers, but no video evidence because cameras not recording properly
  • San Francisco BART mass transit system publicly admits most cameras don’t work after missing video evidence from train shooting in January 2016
  • In December 2016 a city council in Australia pulled its CCTV system in a high crime area (installed after a high profile murder) because they could never get it to work right.

And at this point, it is too late to recover the lost data, whether it’s analytics information, your access control audit trail or video of a crime. Even if video appears to be flowing to screens on-site or remotely, the data itself could have issues that prevent it from being available when it is needed.

The result is often costly, both from a financial and from a liability perspective. Since these are risks that are unacceptable for any organization, it’s essential to implement a proactive solution to verify that there is never an interruption in the flow and storage of data within your physical security system – and to alert you in case of any problems. Further, it’s also essential that this data verification solution be fully automated, so that you are not relying on an individual to check systems to be sure they’re working properly. Not only does this automation greatly reduce user error, it also ensures that your sensitive data and video is not being viewed by any third parties.

You can well imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that not only are your video surveillance and access control systems functioning properly and delivering essential data, but also that if there is a problem you will be notified immediately. Even better, you will be provided a full diagnosis of the issue, along with the information you need to solve it.

Because security professionals are often moving from location to location, no solution is complete unless it can be managed and administered remotely. With automated data verification, no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection you can be sure your video surveillance and access control technology are collecting and storing the proper data. And if they’re not, you’ll have the actionable recommendations to fix them, like the ones included in our Viakoo Proactive product for physical security.

With today’s threats, access control and surveillance have zero margin for error. The same can be said of your organization when it comes to compliance and liability.

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