On Tour: Roadies Welcome!

by Mark McCourt | Jan 28, 2015 3:17:49 PM

This is an exciting time, so I am taking a minute to write about it. Next week I embark on my “The End of Missing Video” tour visiting leading executives at Security 500 enterprises across the country to introduce them to Viakoo, which enables them manage their security applications with the unique and vital automation and information, for the first time.

It is also the next leg in my passionate search for best practices and leadership excellence for security professionals. Initial thoughts include developing a broader program including:
1. Global v. US centric
2. Identify "actionable" information (More Business Week less Harvard Business Review).
3. Best (proven and measurable) Practices
4. Executive level: management that include Risk and Security, not just security.
5. Broad participation, not vested interest silos.

The input and feedback from our profession’s thought leaders during this trip will help craft this new organization’s charter.

The Tour kicks off Monday morning, February 2nd in New York City. Please stay tuned for updates and insights in the weeks ahead.

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