Redefining Service: Physical Security Service and Support – the Old Way versus the New Way

by Bart Nanni | Nov 12, 2015 5:32:19 PM

In my 10 years of working with physical security organizations, their concern with physical security reliability (uptime) is a major concern. After all, their rationale for this investment is to improve situational awareness. When the systems they rely upon fail, so do they. For most enterprise customers, quality service and support is the main driver of customer satisfaction. Clearly, channel organizations that deliver on great service will generate a tremendous return on investment. But how will security integration companies deliver great service at an affordable price and still make a profit? It is clear to me: a new way of delivering service and support through automation and information management, is needed to work towards the elusive goal of 99.999 percent uptime.

Service Managers, who ignore this market shift, do so at their own peril. For the simple truth is; the success and longevity of a service organization are directly tied to the quality of the service and support they provide. Moreover, the way in which service and support are delivered, is paramount to customer retention. As physical security has shifted from analog to IP, networks and infrastructures have become more complex. The consequence, is service, service delivery, and support, that all have “new ways” that are much better than the old way. The Security Integrator who embraces and understands the new way (new technology), leads by example, creates differentiation, and raises the bar on customer service and support delivery.

Of course, my favorite example of this is Viakoo, my company. With Viakoo, Security professionals can leverage the “New Way” of providing service and support to end users. Viakoo provides a proactive and predictive approach. The old (manual) way, whereby the end user happens to, or discovers at some point there is a problem, is replaced by automated computer diagnostics that are ALWAYS ON - 24x7x365.

Viakoo’s automated technology captures diagnostic metadata from security video infrastructures, and delivers back intelligent and actionable information right to the desktop or smartphone. Viakoo can quickly detect and alert on recorder failures, cameras going offline, and much more. Viakoo will then automatically diagnose the problem, alert the appropriate personnel to the problem, and tell them how to fix it. With Viakoo’s purpose-built technology, service and support teams gain tremendous insight into the behavior and performance of security video networks, and thus eliminate the risk of missing video.

But Viakoo is just one successful application leveraging the trends of cloud, big data, IIoT and mobility. I would like to know what your company is doing to stay current with this changing landscape. For channel companies: What solutions are you finding valuable? What are your enterprise customers asking for? And if you are on the enterprise side, what do you want? If and when will you move toward managed services and useful information and away from traditional time and material agreements?

And, if you are going to be at ISC East next week, please visit Booth 669. One of the “old ways” I still enjoy is meeting in person.

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