Rethinking Service Models to Generate New Sources of RMR

by John Gallagher | Jun 9, 2017 3:36:36 PM

RMR is the new lifeblood for security integration companies. Adding services to an equipment or system installation ensures consistent, predictable income well beyond the hardware’s deployment.

The best way to generate RMR is to deliver a valuable service to end users. Ongoing maintenance contracts and video monitoring are just two examples of traditional service offerings in the RMR world. But as systems continue to grow in size and sophistication, users need more form integrators than reminders that their back-up batteries need to be changed, or that a truck is on its way to check out a camera that stopped working.

The reality is that today’s customers expect ultimate reliability and availability from their security systems and they’re willing to pay for it. Offering reactive services to correct a problem that may have already interrupted system operation or caused it fail completely simply won’t cut it. You need to offer proactive services that ensure reliable operation.

Proactive services can provide integrators with key differentiators that separate them from their competition. This higher level of services makes system maintenance more efficient with respect to operations and costs, while enhancing customers’ security, which by extension helps build long-term relationships.  

End users want services that will help improve their overall business and security. Instead of offering basic maintenance and repairs, offer your customers services that can ensure the integrity and stability of their networks, eliminate system downtime, reduce costs with automation, and ensure compliance with relevant rules and regulations.  You will get their attention.  Selling to their pain points (e.g. needing to prove compliance of physical security systems) is the fastest way to both revenue and customer satisfaction.

However, staying ahead of system issues and identifying potential interruptions before they occur can be a challenge without the right tools. Viakoo’s unique Automated Data Verification Solution provides integrators with a cost-effective solution that creates new opportunities for longstanding RMR.

The reality is that IP components fail. A single device failure can take down a large portion of a facility’s security infrastructure, if not the whole system. Until the problem can be isolated and remedied, security is compromised and liabilities increase.  Compliance can’t be proven, and audits will fail. 

Viakoo’s Automated Data Verification Solution runs advanced system analytics to provide accurate diagnosis and early problem detection in real-time. The instant a potential or active problem is detected, notifications are sent to the appropriate personnel with details as the source of the issue so they can immediate correct the situation. Viakoo also provides recommended courses of action to accelerate remediation. This high level of service ensures that all surveillance and access control system operations operate continuously to maintain security and compliance.

For added convenience, integrators can access the Viakoo multi-client platform remotely from a smartphone or PC, providing them with all the resources they need to quickly and effectively detect, diagnose and solve surveillance and access control issues from anywhere at any time.

Reactive services are old news. Proactive incident detection and prevention services provide integrators with the potential to establish new RMR streams while heightening their customers’ security operations and improving their ability to pass audits. That’s a truly win-win scenario for future growth and prosperity.

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