Three Peas in a (Demo) Pod: Viakoo, SanDisk, and N2NSecure

by John Gallagher | Apr 13, 2015 11:46:12 AM

As we heading into ISC West this week a key dialogue at the conference is on the convergence of physical security and IT. Representative of that, at ISC West 2015 Sandisk, Viakoo, and N2NSecure will be hosting demonstrations and discussion for press, media, and attendees of ISC West on new technology solutions for enterprise security video networks. N2NSecure representatives will be on hand to discuss the launch of the LyteShip Group, an industry consortium focused on best practices for IP-based physical security. SanDisk’s InfiniFlash storage platform (providing cost-effective high performance storage for video surveillance) and the Viakoo solution (ensuring security video network uptime, stability, and performance) will be available for demonstration.

We’ve got other announcements coming up this week, but with our colleagues at SanDisk and N2NSecure joining forces with us we hope you can join us to explore best practices and current technology for improving the uptime, stability, and performance of your security video network.
Viakoo demo suite: Bellini Room #2001A. Meeting time can be reserved by visiting

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