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How To Hack The Kremlin? Cameras, Of Course.

Hackers have many types of attack vectors at their disposal when launching a cyberwar; there are over 170,000 known vulnerabilities that can be exploited in attacks against a wide range of devices and systems. So many that it raises the question of where do threat actors start in choosing what vulnerabilities to exploit? When the hacker group Anonymous announced they were declaring a cyberwar against Russia in response to their invasion of Ukraine it presented a real-life answer to which cyber weapons would you choose to go to war with. And no surprise, the attacks involved exploiting vulnerable IP cameras. Starting in early March, Anonymous has hacked into hundreds of IP cameras in Russia, including inside the Kremlin, and has used that access to distribute messages to the Russian people, gain military recognizance, and move laterally to impact other systems. Those efforts are continuing and expanding as this blog is being written.  

Cybernews Interview With Viakoo CEO Bud Broomhead

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