Viakoo Comments on Solarwinds Breach

by John Gallagher | Dec 17, 2020 1:09:16 PM


  • Viakoo was not affected by the SolarWinds breach. 
  • Viakoo does not share technologies nor use SolarWinds in our products or  infrastructure.
  • Viakoo takes security of our infrastructure extremely seriously and has implemented numerous defensive measures and procedures to prevent breaches.  


  • No immediate actions are required of Viakoo Customers.
  • Normal precautions such as IP traffic monitoring and the like are appropriate measures. 

Recommended Actions

  • Improve the Cyber Hygiene of your IoT devices by updating the firmware, passwords, and certificates of all  IP cameras, access control panels, etc. 
  • Run automated cyber threat detection and remediation solutions across your infrastructure.

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